The Animals

The Animals

A wide range of animals from all corners of the globe is available for The Animal Roadshow, including

Beetles Buzzards Cats Cavies/Guinee Pigs
Chinchillas Chipmunks Cockroaches Dogs
Dragons (honest) Eagles Falcons Ferrets
Frogs Gerbils Giant Millipedes Giant Rats
Hamsters Hawks Hedghogs Jirds
Lizards Mantids Mice Millipedes
Monkeys Newts Owls Parrots
Polecats Rabbits Salamanders Scorpions
Snails Snakes Spiders Squirrels
Stick Insects Tarantulas Tenrecs Toads
Tortoises Tree Frogs

..........and many more

Several specimens of each species are kept and this ensures that no animals are over used, handled too often or worked too hard. The welfare and wellbeing of all our animals is paramount and we have established standard operating procedures that meet and axceed all welfare and H&S considerations.

All animals in Animal Roadshow events are safe, friendly, trustworthy and handleable