The Sessions

The Sessions

Standard "off-the-peg" Animal Roadshow sessions include:-

TARS001 General TARS016 Invertebrates
TARS002 Reptiles TARS017 Interdependancies & Adaptation
TARS003 Raptors TARS018 The Senses
TARS004 Babies TARS019 Growth and Lifecycles
TARS005 Mini-Beasts TARS020 Night Time
TARS006 Geography TARS021 Predators & Prey
TARS007 Amphibia TARS022 Evolution
TARS008 Mammals TARS023 Locomotion
TARS009 Camouflage & Protection TARS024 Attack & Defence
TARS010 History TARS025 Conservation & Endangered Animals
TARS011 Owls TARS026 Falconry
TARS012 Pet Care TARS027 Competition & Predation
TARS013 Flight TARS028 Habitats
TARS014 Rainforests TARS029 Food Chains & Webs
TARS015 Classification TARS030

In addition The Animal Roadshow offers a bespoke service and sessions can be tailor-made to suit specific subjects/projects, units from the National Curriculum, or simply to show particular animals - it's your choice! Please contact James McKay fir further information and to discuss your requirements

All sessions are designed to be relevant to the National Curriculum and can be delivered for foundation and key stages 1, 2 or 3.

Sessions can also be structured to help students in their project work at KS4.

For school open days, fetes, children's partied, etc., we can supply both static and interactive displays, guaranteed to induce a real party atmosphere.