What the Teachers Say

What the Teachers Say About The Animal Roadshow

"The children were enthralled by both the animals and Mr McKay, and even the staff learned from the day!"

Teacher, nursery and infant school, Rotherham

"The Animal Roadshow gives an excellent service with countless benefits to the school.......outstanding value for money."

Head teacher, middle school, Barnsley

"Superb service that both informed and educated the audience."

Head teacher, junior school, Derbyshire

"Accurate and relevant information given in an entertaining and effective manner."

Head teacher, primary school, Sheffield

"Well-behaved and happy animals that were a pleasure to see and handle...... ..... the children learned a great deal from the experiences of the day."

Teacher, junior school, Nottinghamshire

"Factually correct presentation, which was pitched at exactly the right level for the children."

Head of science, independent preparatory school, Derbyshire

"Well planned and executed presentation..............Mr McKay ensured that all enjoyed the event ........... and no-one was placed at any risk."

Deputy head teacher, secondary school, Leeds

"An excellent presentation, with a competent and appropriate delivery style. The level was exactly right for each class, and the children were very responsive. We all felt the visit was very worthwhile. Thank you for a wonderful day, and please bring The Animal Roadshow here again!"

Head teacher, primary school, Staffordshire

"A very well prepared and presented lesson with lots of accurate and interesting information. All of the staff commented that they have never before seen the children so captivated. Please come back soon!"

Teacher, nursery school, Lincoln

"A brilliant day, and the children never lost interest! All of the sessions were aimed at exactly the right level for the children in that class. We will be having you back for more visits and will definitely recommend The Animal Roadshow to others."

Head teacher, junior school, Wiltshire

"What a superb day! Really well presented and all of the children enjoyed the hands-on experiences you gave them. And such wonderful animals. It was fantastic - thank you, and please come again!"

Deputy head teacher, middle school, Yorkshire

"What a marvellous day! Lots of interaction and hands-on, coupled with brilliant communication of 100% accurate information. We all learned so much! An excellent presentation! We can’t wait for your next visit!”

Teacher, secondary school, Kent

"What a wonderful, hands-on and exciting way of bringing the curriculum to life in our own classrooms! And what marvellous animals!”

Teacher, infant school, Derbyshire

“An exciting day for all of us – staff and pupils! Mr McKay certainly knows his stuff, and how to put it across to pupils of all ages. We want The  Animal Roadshow back again soon!”

Head teacher, primary school, Dorset