Bird Clearance

The Bird Control Company ®

It is all too easy for some species of birds to become pests, causing damage to property, business and health. In particular, pigeons ( Columba livia ) and many species of gull, including the huge herring gull ( Larus argentatus ), can become serious pests for both urban and rural locations. The UK government estimates that it costs £15 billion each year to repair damage, clean up and dispose of the faeces of feral pigeons, with the necessary work in Trafalgar Square alone costing over £76, 000 pa.

In addition, the presence of feral pigeons, and most especially their faeces, represents a potential health hazard to employees and to the general public.

How much is bird damage costing your company?

Can you survive a legal suit for damages to employees or members of the public?


Operating throughout the British Isles, The Bird Control Company was established in 1991. We use natural environmental controls to ensure that the pest species are moved away from your site, and cease to be a problem to you and your business.

Rather than the poisons and gas used by some pest control companies, we use specially bred and trained raptorial species of birds, such as falcons and hawks, in conjunction with other environmentally friendly strategies.