Ferret Racing

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Ferret Racing

The Sport of Monarchs*

The sport of ferret racing traces its origins to the USA, where ferrets were used to haul light lines through gas pipes being laid across the deserts.  Once these lines were through, heavier lines were hauled through on them, and then trolleys with cameras mounted on them were hauled through, allowing the engineers to inspect the welds.  At the end of long, hard days, the men working on the pipeline would race ferrets through sections of pipe, taking bets on which one would emerge first.

When British ferreters got hold of the idea in the early 1980s, they tweaked it, and Flat Caps & Ferrets has developed this even further, taking the sport to a quite sophisticated level.  All of our equipment is purpose made, and extremely effective.  Every Flat Caps & Ferrets event is slick and professional, and everyone will have a great time.  Go Ferret!

In Flat Caps & Ferrets ferret racing events, five ferrets compete with each other, each in its own set of tubes, which are approximately 10 metres long.  Interspersed along these lengths of tubes are small section of wire mesh, enabling the “punters” to see the ferrets.  Members of the audience are carefully selected, or pay for the privilege, and are trained as ferret jockeys, and then officially placed in charge of the ferret allocated to each of them.

It is the job of these ferret jockeys to encourage his/her ferret to move through the tubes to the end, in as little time as possible.  No physical contact is allowed with the ferret from the second it is placed in its own starting box, until the whole of the ferret (including tail tip) has exited from the other end of the tubes.  Once the ferrets are released from their starting boxes, anything can – and usually does – happen.  No-one can predict the outcome of a ferret race.

Throughout the event, the safety and welfare of ferrets and public is paramount.  All ferrets used for the event are “quiet” (tame) and, between races, are kept in suitable accommodation, where ample food, water, company and shelter are available.

Everyone will enjoy ferret racing, and the National Ferret School’s Flat Caps & Ferrets is the leader in this field, with a product and service which reflects the best in the sport, with quality purpose-made equipment and a truly professional presentation.

Flat Caps & Ferrets is suitable for any event, no matter the size.  The service can be used for entertaining guests at game fairs, country shows, corporate entertainment events, or for fund-raising activities.  We are totally self-contained, having our own marquees and purpose-made equipment.  All we require from event organisers is adequate space.  Leave the rest to us……………………

* If you’re wondering why we use this term …………….  Throughout the Middle Ages and beyond, ferret ownership was very tightly controlled.  Only royalty, the clergy and landed gentry were allowed to keep these animals, as they were used for hunting conies (rabbits), and the upper classes feared poaching by ferret owners.  In case you still doubt that royalty would ever own a ferret, take a trip to Hatfield House, Hertfordshire and there you will see a contemporary painting of Good Queen Bess (Queen Elizabeth I).  Her Majesty is sitting on her throne and, on her left arm, complete with collar and leash, is a ferret. (There’s also a copy of the painting at the Royal Armouries, Leeds).


Ferret Roulette

In ferret roulette, a single ferret is placed in a special drum with six exits at the base, and guests bet on which exit the ferret will use.

The exits are colour coded, allowing guests to bet on which tube the ferret will exit from, allowing funds to be raised for your charity in a fun manner.

This is a great attraction that really is different.  Little space is needed for this activity, but it will generate much fun, amusement lots of interest and, plenty of funds for your charity.

Ferret Roulette is available as a stand-alone or an extra with our ferret racing service – please ask for further details, costs etc.

more details...

Our ferret roulette is ideally suited for venues with only a limited amount of space, and is available as a stand-alone or in conjunction with our ferret racing service.

If you are also having our Ferret Roulette in addition to Flat Caps & Ferrets©® ferret racing, you will need to set aside extra space for this (approximately 2 metres X 2 metres).

In our ferret roulette, there are six exits from a special barrel, and each is coloured; only five of these tubes can be bet on, with the sixth being the “house tube”, and if the ferret exits from this, the house (i.e. your organisation/charitable cause) keeps all of the bets placed.

Six tubes coloured thus;

  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Orange
  4. Blue
  5. Green
  6. Black - House, i.e. if the ferret exits from this tube, the house keeps all money.

In order to give the best possible experience for you and your guests, we use an HD camera, projector and screen to let everyone see what’s happening inside the barrel.  A mains socket must be available to us to enable this.


Ferret Roulette is either an extra or a stand-alone and is NOT included with the ferret racding unless it is booked as an extra.


The welfare of our animals is of paramount importance to us, and we will not do anything which may affect the well-being of our ferrets at the event; neither will we permit others to do so.