James McKay

James McKay - The Animal Man

James McKay - The Animal ManJames McKay is a zoologist and former CEO of the UK's National Federation of Zoos, who is known to thousands as "THE ANIMAL MAN", thanks to innumerable appearances on television, including Blue Peter, Calendar, Midlands Today, Central News, Look North, News at Ten, BBC News, GMTV, It's A Vet's Life, "Tracks", "Watchdog", and BBC Breakfast News.

A trainer of animals for TV and films, James is also a regular contributor to many radio programmes, newspapers and magazines, and is the author of many books on animals and animal-related subjects. He works as a consultant for BBC TV and various veterinary medicine companies and animal feed manufacturers.

His broadcasting, writing and work in general have established James' reputation as an internationally recognised authority on many animals and animal-related subjects, and as a result of this, he regularly travels abroad on business.

A professional, qualified lecturer and scientific fellow of the Zoological Society of London, James McKay not only knows his subject, but also has the rare talent of being able to communicate the topic with enthusiasm and zeal, to audiences of all ages and levels. James has had over 20 years of practical teaching experience, at many levels.

A firm believer that both children and adults learn more effectively if they enjoy their learning environment, James is aware of the differing learning and teaching styles necessary to ensure that students obtain the maximum benefit from his lectures.