Springer Spaniels

Honeybank English Springer Spaniels

Honeybank Springer Spaniels English springer spaniels are renowned for their enthusiasm, skill and joie de vivre. In the field, these dogs give 101% for their masters or mistresses, and have seemingly endless energy. However, some springers are very difficult to train and keep under proper control.

At Honeybank, we have selectively bred our line to maintain the best of the springers' desirable characteristics, while breeding-out their undesirable ones. This has resulted in the Honeybank line being excellent at their jobs, while still being biddable.

Honeybank English Springer SpanielsHoneybank springers work with both the gun and the hawks, making them an all-round choice for the fieldsports enthusiast who need a good working dog to help ensure a good bag at the end of the hunting day.

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