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Work Experience Opportunities

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work experience student making falconry equipment

Here at Honeybank, our world revolves around animals and their care.  If you share our passion, why not take advantage of our WORK EXPERIENCE OPPORTUNITIES?

We offer work experience placements to suitable students aged 18 years or over, and studying an animal related subject at college or university.  Placements are usually for a minimum of two weeks.

We also offer a maximum of two INTERNSHIPS (link, please) each year.

We have a waiting list for placements, so please CONTACT US well in advance of your preferred dates.

Work at Honeybank includes:

  • Preparing food and feeding a wide range of animals;
  • Grooming and exercising animals;
  • Cleaning pens and cages;
  • Caring for injured raptors (owls and birds of prey);
  • Maintaining animal enclosures;
  • Record keeping;
  • Handling animals on TV and film;
  • Training animals for TV and film work;
  • Training animals for public displays.

work experience student handling royal python work experience student holding Harris hawk work experience student handling spider

What kind of person are we looking for?

To be considered for work experience here, you will need to be at least 18 years old, on an animal-related course at college or university, be able to demonstrate an interest in working with animals, and willing to work hard to ensure the wellbeing of animals in your care.

work experience students handling ratsHow do I apply for work experience at Honeybank?

In the first instance, you should send us a full CV, which must include details of two referees (not family members) who can vouch for your abilities in the field of animal care.  Give details of your availability and the dates you would like.  If you are considered suitable, you will be asked to attend an informal interview, with successful applicants being informed within a few days of the interview.

How long are work experience placements at Honeybank?

Work experience at Honeybank is normally a minimum of two weeks; vet students may attend for a minimum of seven days.

Are there opportunities for longer periods of work experience at honeybank?

We also run an INTERNSHIP SCHEME for those interested in learning more about the profession and obtaining invaluable experience, thus demonstrating a serious commitment to working with animals.