Our History


We have been providing rabbit management services since the mid-1970s, and are without doubt one of the leaders in our field. Our director, James McKay, is a Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London, and a one of the world’s leading authorities in rabbit management. Throughout his 40+ years of work in this field, James has gained an extensive and unrivalled worldwide experience of all types of rabbit management.

For each client’s land, we conduct a full survey, and present to the client a detailed report which outlines the problems and our strategies for combating them. Within this report is a bespoke programme, designed to specifically address the client’s problem. As no two problems are ever the same, no two solutions will be identical. Our service is tailored to the client’s specific situation and concerns, and we provide a highly confidential, discreet and professional service.

We have our own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Code of Practice which exceeds all H&S, animal welfare and Food Standard Agency (FSA) requirements.

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